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Fileflow Backup is platform independent can be installed on any platform.

The only system requirement to run Fileflow Backup is Java 5 or higher. Java 5 is installed by default on nearly all modern platforms today, and is easily and freely available online for all platforms at:

1. Log into your account, and select Fileflow Backup.

2. Download the installation file for your operating system.

3. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.

4. You must choose what to backup and when. Select the Backup Source and Backup Schedule in the lower left corner.

5. You can now save and exit the Fileflow Backup application. The backup will start automatically (in background) at the given time.

? The first time a backup is run, all files are uploaded in its entirety. This can take hours and even days, depending on the overall size of the data and your internet speed. The initial backup can still be in progress when the next scheduled backup is meant to start. If a scheduled backup does not run, the reason for this is specified in the email reports that you will receive on a regular basis. After the initial backup, only new files and changes to existing files will be backed up, resulting in much smaller amounts of data to be transferred. After the first full backup, backup only takes minutes or hours.
? Automatic Backup requires that your computer is turned on and does not go into sleep mode.