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Our services are subscription-based with an annual advance payment, or otherwise is stated in individual agreements.  Feel free to contact us  if you have special needs and requirements.

No. We use full lossless compression. What you send, the recipient gets.

The speed of sending (uploading) and receiving (downloading) files is determined by your own Internet connection and the type and amount of data you wish to transfer, but we compress and pack all files, we utilize all your available bandwidth, and optimize the data stream in order to maximise the speed of transfer.

If you transfer files with us, it is likely that we are fastest. We are so confident that we urge you to try it for yourself!

No. We only set limitations if you want us to.

We scan all files for viruses when they have been uploaded to our servers and before they are delivered. If we suspect problems with a file, you will be warned when trying to open the file. Please note that our virus scanning is not a substitute for your own anti-virus software.